I am Nixy Wang Chun

Thats’s me
Nixy! Deep in my soul, I am a sociophobe. I like umbria particularly, because it is so scarcely inhabited by human beings.
But I love food and wine,and my partner, a German who emigrated to Italy decades ago, molests me constantly with social events.

I am from Wuhan, a city in China, which no one knew before and now everyone knows. I am very proud to tell, Wuhan is the first city revolted to overthrow the last feudal dynasty in China.
And as a city nourished by broad rivers and numerous lakes, Wuhan has various great food,mostly based on rice and products from rivers and lakes, about that I will share more details in the future.

My partner left Wuhan early December 2019, apparently without COVID. Then the pandemic events separated us for nearly two years. In October 2021 we had enough. I emigrated with a tourist visa to Italy. The tourist visa should have been elevated by marrying “Giovanni”, but this still has not happened, because we have to find out the son of the lawyer who dealt with his divorce 30years(the lawyer himself is dead already) to dig out some document in some warehouse in outskirt of Rome, to get some other documents from German authorities, to ask for some other documents from Chinese consulate,which is needed to get married…and things like that. So I am still an illegal immigrant but hoping to improve my status soon.

In the meantime, I am doing what I like most, tasting wine and especially pairing wine and food. I am also organizing wine tastings and together with my partner we have wine/food pairing events at the Buonrespiro in Orvieto.
Now I am writing this blog. Another blog about food, wine restaurants, but with a Wuhanese view and without the pretense of objectivity. Still worse: A Chinese and a “Crucco ” dare to comment on Italian food and wine. This should be fun, shouldn’t it?