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  • magic of fermentation: Structured Rosati and Whites with Chinese “100 year old eggs”
    Date:  Saturday, July 27th,  17:00-21:00 The wines Grechetto Colli del Trasimeno, from Duca della Corgna Riesling trocken from Anlag nichterlein, PFALZ Orvieto Classico Superiore, from le Velette Rosato of Trasimeno Gamay, from Duca della Corgna Rosato of Cabernet Franc from Villa Bucher Rosato of Cabernet sauvignon/Petit Verdot/Sangiovese from contemaso Brut Trasimeno Gamay from Duca della…
  • BednBottle opens in September!
    A new tasting adventure will start soon. Our Cantina and roof top apartment in Via Graziosa a Perugia willl open as BednBottle. We will move to our new residence “Villa Orfei” and will dedicate Via Graziosa 5 to hospitality Here is our cellar with more than 1000 bottles of selected wines from Umbria, Italy and…
  • Nuricante Vertical
    We had a  tasting  of Nuricante from Duca  della Corgna on 25th April 2024 in or Perugia wine cellar.  We tried the vintages 2019, 2020,2021,2022.  Usually we presume the older wines will have a deeper color than the younger ones, but actually the 2021 vintage has a more golden color than the 2020 vintage, but…
  • Vertical tasting of Nuricante
    The tasting has been confirmed for 5:30 pm on 25th April. It will take place at the tasting terrace of villa Orfei (Via Enrico dal Pozzo 92A, Perugia). If weather does not allow an open air event, the venue is the cellar of “Graziosa BednBottle (Via Graziosa 5, Perugia). In any case partecipation is limited…
  • what are the characters of wines from iron rich soil?
    Iron-rich soils are found in several notable wine regions around the world, where they contribute unique characteristics to the wines produced there. Here are some famous regions known for their iron-rich soils: These regions illustrate how iron-rich soils can significantly influence the characteristics of wine, contributing to the diversity and richness of wine profiles globally….


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