Graziosa BednBottle

  • BednBottle opens in September!
    A new tasting adventure will start soon. Our Cantina and roof top apartment in Via Graziosa a Perugia willl open as BednBottle. We will move to our new residence “Villa Orfei” and will dedicate Via Graziosa 5 to hospitality Here is our cellar with more than 1000 bottles of selected wines from Umbria, Italy and…

We will open a “Bed and Bottle” in Perugia in our roof top appartment in Via Graziosa 5 . Accomodation plus winetasting. Winetasting in the cellar bar and sleeping under the roof of an old medieval house in the city center of Perugia. 4 guests can stay very comfortably in the Appartment (2 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, big living area and kitchen.) But if you are in six and you survived more than one wine tasting, there is sleeping place for 2 also in the living area.

We offer modules ,1 tasting with one night, but you can book as many of them as you like. And there are many, many varieties of tastings in our menu.

The opening date is not definite and depends on the finishing of the redecoration of Villa Orfei. But we start to sell BnB modules now.

Our tasting menu has 3 BednBottles offers: “BnBselection”, “Bnb-selection-premium” and “BnB-selection-Top”.

You can assure your Tasting now and fix the date and the wine selection later. We will not sell more than 80 BnBos in 2024 and we will limit the yearly amount to 200. We want to maintain the possibility of personal contacts with all our guests.

How it works: you select your tasting fom our menu and pay through an secure online payment system.

Then, or later you go to the booking page and fill out he form with date and wine selections. If you don’t like forms you call us to agree on the details. We communicate in Italian, German, Chinese and English.