Nuricante Vertical

We had a  tasting  of Nuricante from Duca  della Corgna on 25th April 2024 in or Perugia wine cellar.  We tried the vintages 2019, 2020,2021,2022.  Usually we presume the older wines will have a deeper color than the younger ones, but actually the 2021 vintage has a more golden color than the 2020 vintage, but…


what are the characters of wines from iron rich soil?

Iron-rich soils are found in several notable wine regions around the world, where they contribute unique characteristics to the wines produced there. Here are some famous regions known for their iron-rich soils: These regions illustrate how iron-rich soils can significantly influence the characteristics of wine, contributing to the diversity and richness of wine profiles globally….

our natural wine tasting

I like orange wines, because I find it reasonable to extract the flavors from the skin. and I like metodo ancestrale(nat pet), because I find this method has the advantage of champagne and is much easier to make. orange wines and nat pet are generally natural wines,so I end up buying a lot of natural…


italian rose,always versatile and often misunderstood

Some people have a misunderstanding about rosato wine, thinking they are not serious wines, only blank drinks with pretty color. but as a wine professional I would say, that’s not true. There are blank pinky drinks for tourists at the seaside and there are the opposite.On October 27th we had a tasting of 6 Umbria…


Cannonau and Gamay del Trasimeno

We had a tasting of Cannonau & Gamay Trasimemo on 29th October.Both grapes share the same DNA with Grenache/Garnacha, but grow in different regions. Cannonau grows in Sardegna while Gamay Trasinemo grows in Umbria around lago trasimeno. We served 6 wines including 3 single vineyard Cru. The wines tasted Winery wine vintage price (€) (1)…