italian rose,always versatile and often misunderstood

Some people have a misunderstanding about rosato wine, thinking they are not serious wines, only blank drinks with pretty color. but as a wine professional I would say, that’s not true. There are blank pinky drinks for tourists at the seaside and there are the opposite.On October 27th we had a tasting of 6 Umbria rosatos and they are all serious

Wines tasted

Terre San Nicola Di FIlippo 14%2021
RosatSanta Croce12.5%2022
Antheia      Brizziarelli15%2021
MartavelloDucac della Corgna12.52022
RosadoVilla Bucher13.5%2022

It is impossible to say which is better, the only certainty here is that rosato wines are very versatile and easy to pair with food.

For me a good wine pairing means the wine and food flatter each other and multify the flavors of each other.

and since the 6 wines are very different their best pair are totally different foods.
as I said before, it is already a big success if customers can remember your winery’s name, do
not expect them to remember the names you give
to your wines. So when I mention the wines later in my articles, I will use the name of the winery and the grape varieties, instead of the given names of the wines.

we serve wine in 3 groups:

Villa Bucher (cabernet franc)
Santa Croce (montepulciano)

These 2 wines are more salty and feel drier, they pair particularly good with salty crunchy roasted nuts and trippa.


Both wines are made of sagrantino but taste so different!
Briziarelli’s rosato is a dry wine but gives you the satisfaction of a sweet wine with rich, deep fragrance. While the Dionigi one is a rosato almost tastes like a red wine, I will not pair it with because it is made of sagrantino and it definitely tastes like a sagrantino!

duca della corgna(gamay trasimeno)
di filippo(sangiovese, montepulciano and others)

duca della corgna’ s is more nutty, more spicy and more full bodied ,so it goes better with spicy food and deep fried things.
di filippo is kind of a natural wine, goes better with more fatty food

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