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We had a  tasting  of Nuricante from Duca  della Corgna on 25th April 2024 in or Perugia wine cellar.  We tried the vintages 2019, 2020,2021,2022. 

Usually we presume the older wines will have a deeper color than the younger ones, but actually the 2021 vintage has a more golden color than the 2020 vintage, but the 2020 vintage still  tastes more mature.

Basically everyone preferred the 2021 vintage, because it is both fresh and complex and tastes expensive. The second favorite is the 2020 vintage, while the 2019 vintage is not fruity anymore, but still has a nice Mediterranean herbs taste, and the 2022 vintage seems too young and too simple. Italian consumer mostly prefer young white wines. I think it doesn’t make sense, because almost all the quality Italian white wines (not necessarily expensive ones), need some time to mature.

the followingare the tasting notes:

2022: 13%  fresh lime , sea water, a bit peach

2021: 13.5% very mineral, half ripe apricot

2020: 13%  dried 90% ripen apricot , dried citrus

2019: 13.5% sea water, even oyster, nice Mediterranean herbs taste but not fruity anymore, with only a hint of dried half ripe stone fruits.

On the second day, all the vintages went very well with green salad,because the herby fragrance of wine gets prominent with salad, in this case, the younger ones perform better. still the second youngest is better than the youngest, because it has more complexity. and the oldestbottle goes very well with the hundred years old egg from china, because it is nicely herby and spicy.

On the third day, the oldest vintage lost nothing and the nice Mediterranean herb fragrance got more prominent.

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