magic of fermentation: Structured Rosati and Whites with Chinese “100 year old eggs”

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Date:  Saturday, July 27th,  17:00-21:00

The wines

Grechetto Colli del Trasimeno, from Duca della Corgna

Riesling trocken from Anlac nichterlein, PFALZ

Orvieto Classico Superiore, from le Velette

Rosato of Trasimeno Gamay, from Duca della Corgna

Rosato of Cabernet Franc from Villa Bucher

Rosato of Cabernet sauvignon/Petit Verdot/Sangiovese from contemaso

Brut Trasimeno Gamay from Duca della Corgna

Brut metodo classico of Sagrantino from Scacciadiavoli

+a Vin Santo


The food

    100 years old egg is a chinese specialty with opaque egg white and semifluid  egg yolks,  we find it goes particularly well with structured rosato and white. somehow tastes like blue cheese, which will also be served at the event.

We will serve fermented tofu with passito as dessert, to honor the magic of fermentation.

Overall there will not be too much food, because it is not a dinner, but an experimental experience of outlandish food and whimsical pairings.


Casa Lattuada, Orvieto, our host is Dalene (Località La Badia, 47, Via Della Liberta’, 46, 05018 Orvieto TR)


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