Sardegna, very stony, very herby

we went to Sardegna this july, it is my first time there.
my impression? this island smells so good!

you can smell fragrant plants everywhere, when we arrived at 5am, the air smelled like fresh herb, then in the afternoon the air smelled like roasted herbs, because there are herbs everywhere and the sun was roasting.

beside the macchia(fragrant wild herb clusters), Sardegna is very stony and sterile. the macchia grow into semisphere shape so they can keep their vaporization to the minimum.

in some place the natural is dominating and human beings only come to have a peek, where cats look like assassins;

in some other places,it looks like there is a competition between the nature and human beings and the nature is winning(I find those places most charming)

how about wines produced on this herby stony island? they are herby and mineral and very concentrated,

and there is a high percentage of old vines(over 30years is usual, over 50years still sells less than 20euro per bottle, over 100years old vine is not considered too rare) and the yield is very low,around 3000 kg grapes per hector.

the 3 most important grapes are :

Cannonau(which is called Grenache in other places,gamey trasinemo in umbria) a very changable grape I can’t even tell how it is,but you can come and taste it yourself;

Carignano(Carignan), old vine Carignan in this case.

Vermentino(called Rolle in france),a semi fragrant white wine, often have citrus fragrance.

all the 3 kinds will be served on the event on August 6th,

in various style: except for normal still and bubble wines, we have blanc de noir of Cannonau and grappa made from Vermentino !

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