Italian whites can age

Italians don’t believe in the aging potential of their white wines. but they really should. I have rested again and again, and I confirm that a high percentage of italian wines can age really well.

Years ago, I imported an entry level orvieto classico to China (Soana, COOP Monrubio). and there was one bottle forgotten in corner of my plat. for about 5 entry level, but a stable, decent wine.when we digged it out and opened it, it was totally pleasant, had bright golden color and ripe but not over ripe fruit flavors

We tried again recently: this time another orvieto classico, a quality wine yet far away from being expensive, 7 years after harvest, still in its prime age. herby and not-too-ripe fruit fragrance and bright saltiness filled in clean elaborated structure. pairs great with bluevine cheese with clear cow milk flavor.

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