Pigeon vegetable soup with fregola

This dish is born from my experiments with pigeons. I like the Umbrian way of cooking  a pigeon, but sometimes I really want the pigeon breast red to savour all its flavours.  So I get several parts of the pigeon: the breast, the legs, many little pieces of meat and all the bones.

From the bones you can prepare a wonderful broth, which can be served as a very light  consommè or as a soup with vegetables and pasta, a fully fledged First Course. Pieces of the meat chopped from the bones, make this still more substantial.

As pasta I chose fregola, which is a Sardinian speciality, but which was produced in this case at Bolsena lake in Tuscia.

The wines: With this soup you need a white wine,  an EST!EST!EST! for the Fregola an Orvieto Classico or a Grechetto for the bird.

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