Brizi again

I confirm my positive judgement on Ristorante Brizi. We had

  • strangozzi alla Gricia
  • una bistecca di vitello
  • una fettina di vitello
  • uno spiedino di funghi
  • verdure lesse
  • verdure gratinate
  • patatine fritte
  • frutta
  • una bottiglia di Rosso Montefalco (Colpetrone)

Uno scontrino di 64 Euro, di cui 16 were the beefsteak and 15 the wine.

the beef steak and the vegetables

This time , both meat dishes were impeccable. Meat of decent quality, freshly grilled. A beefsteak like this would cost 6 € at the butcher. Then, all what is traditional, is good, the pasta is very good. I remember the perfect Carbonara, the first time I went here. Don’t order french fries, they are not traditional—-

Many more years to Ristorante Brizi-

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