Rubba Galline

I don’t write about restaurants without having been there at least twice. At the “chicken thief” I have now been 4 times and it is time to comment. Yesterday evening I have been there with Nixy and my niece. The bill was 160 Euro and we did eat well. At ‘Rubba Galline” you pay for what you get on your plate, not for the environment. The environment yesterday night forced us to follow the match Roma-Sevilla, well…

Rubba Galline is about meat. And they need to be lauded for the aging process that the meat undergoes in their premises. Good tasty beef, from free ranging animals needs to be aged for months before it is tender!

My “tagliata” yesterday (marchigiana) was more tender than many I bought myself at the butchers. And a “tagliata” like this cannot be cheaper than 27 Euros. Furthermore the portion was a tagliata and not only the idea of a tagliata. I fully approve the usage of finely sliced lard on the very lean meat.

I never go to this place without ordering the mixed starters. This 16 Euro dish figurates as a starter, but if you order it for one person, you are done with your dinner. It is a classical Umbrian starter with ham, salami and bruschette. This time there was also a quite good parmigiana.

But the reason why I order this are the grilled vegetables. The melanzane are pefect, thinly sliced and grilled without burning and treated with salt and parsley correctly. This makes for me a good cooking!

There were “fiori di Zucca” fritte on the menu and I had to order them. The coverage of the flowers with “pastella” was thin and perfect and the taste was good. The frying temperature might have been too low, because it was a bit oily. Deep frying is an art!

For Isis, my 18 year old niece, they served “mixed grill” in pizza dough together with grilled vegetables 20 Euros, a treat for amount and quality. The pizza dough in which it was served, makes a good show effect.

The wines: the restaurant has a reasonable choice of Umbrian quality wine. Nixy, instead, had to choose a natural orange wine (1l/20 Euros), done by a chap in the neighborhood. Something similar they must have served to Jesus, when he was carrying the cross to Golgatha (the gospel tells us, they gave him vinegar, but it was only the normal wine of the Roman soldiers). When the tagliata arrived I ordered an Antonelli “Rosso di Montefalco” to save my soul. (and also Nixy preferred)

A dessert for all the three of us was included, nothing spectacular (panna cotta, strawberries ith icecream and and Amarena cooklet), but a nice finish of the dinner.

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