Foligno on the fly

Last Saturday we visited “Umbria in un Bicchiere”, the yearly Umbrian slowwine gathering.. After 6 hours of wine tasting we needed food. Nixy obviously came up with a place that offered una “Fiorentina”. It was 7 pm and our train was at 8:50.’ At 7:10 the Restaurant still did not accept orders, but we simply took a place and at 19:30 we ordered the Menu “Fiorentina” and 20 minutes later a sizzlinf plate with the sliced fiorentina accompanied by potatoes arrived.

And then the surprise: The meat was tender, and also tasty an juicy. Despite of considering lean meat boring, I enjoyed this. Red, but not too bloody, with some nice fat at the edges, well grilled on a woodfire.

We ordered as a side dish grilled vegetables and for me a glass of Montefalco rosso (Nixy had enough after the afternoon long tasting )

We paid 61 Euros, were satisfied and arrived well in time at Foligno station

Then the train was 35 minutes late and we could have enjoyed or “fiorentina” in much more relaxed way

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