Ristorante Brizi

I am passing by this place several times per week as it is on the way home from the place where I normally park the car. I became curious from the first time I read the menu: “primi” for 7 Euros and “secondi” for 8-10 Euros. What the hell is this? Nearly half the price of most other eating places. The first time we tried to get in, was during COVID. But we were not admitted, because Nixy’s Chinese Vaccination certificate did not give response to the scanner. The only place in Perugia where this happened to us. The host is law abiding seriously also in issuing lo “scontrino”.

Yesterday we went there. At 8 pm the place was empty, but a nice fire was burning promising freshly grilled meat. The atmosphere was that of a traditional trattoria. We felt comfortable and ordered a bottle of wine. We found a Rubesco from Lungarotti, vintage 2019 for 15 €! The wine was too warm, but nevertheless a very good wine, with velvet tannins, dried plum scents and an elegant structure, would easily cost 20-25 in another place.

We ordered: Carbonara, Strangozzi con truffle, mixed grill, panfried veal, grilled vegetables, and cooked vegetables.

The first to note was the excellent quality of the pasta itself which was also cooked to perfection. Well, the truffle pasta was just with a decent “tartuffata” from the jar. But the carbonara!! Perfect, simply perfect: guanciale, egg, pecorino pepe and this in the right cooking state of the egg!

The pan fried veal was not bad. The mixed roast made the impression that it was grilled for lunch and passed through a microwave for dinner. The piece of chicken was so dry that it was hardly eatable. The temperature gradient of the other stuff, was, yes, as microwaved. At least it did not taste like feshly grilled meat. The two vegetables were again without any complain, very good grilled Aubergines and Zucchini, and Chicoria ripassata in padella.

We decided to come back to this place on a day which is no the day before its closing day. The existence of these Restaurants is important. Not everyone finds a bill of 100 € affordable. Here you can have dinner for 2 for half of that price , if you limit yourself to the house wine, which is from Goretti and decent.

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