La Panatella, Allerona

I think the main problem I have in giving a just evaluation of this Restaurant, was that I had to drive there. With my driving skills Allerona is 1 hour away from Buonrespiro and a one hours drive in the night, probably would darken also my brightest dining experience.

The place gets enthusiastic evaluations on Google (“best food in Italy”), but normally by foreigners….. And really, you could go there only for the stunning view from the terrace and to enjoy beautiful Allerona.

We had 1 starter, two primi, two secondi, two desserts and a bottle of Malvasia delle Vulture (molto interessante) and the bill was 113 €, AN appropriate pay for the quantity and quality of food we got.

I choose the starter because I need to learn what to do with the two Packages of farro monococo, that are on my shelves.

Farro monococco, tomatoes, mozzarella, Zucchine and acciughe. I will surely copy this recipe. Could be also transformed in a summer primo increasing the quantity of farro.

The ravioli filled with Capesante were a master piece. Most pasta fillings you get are a mass of ingredients of which you know the origin only because of the description, This not, pieces of “Capesante” a very light cream. nearly as good as Chinese dumplings

Spaghetti with tomatoes and bottarga. The star of this dish was the tomato cream, from different tomatotypes and wonderfully dense. The bottarga could not stand against this and was wasted.

Chianina tonnata, the first “secondo” was a perfect roastbeef. The hazelnuts with the “tonnata’ sauce were not only creative but also pleasant .

The other “secondo” was too much of lean porc meat. I had overlooked (or it was not written) in the menu that the offered pork was fillet. I wouldn’t have ordered it. I dislike porc meat without fat. Here the remedy would have been to substitute the crispy ham with crispy “guanciale”, increasing the quantity of condiment. Very well integrated the taste of truffle.

The desserts were pleasant (and astonishingly cheap for 6 Euros each.) I liked both, but I have a limited competence to speak about desserts.

The effort of driving nearly an hour to have dinner is too big to repeat this dining experience, but for anyone, who is near Allerona, La Panatella is a good choice!

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