Prejudices towards chains? Boring food, standardized dishes, quantity instead of quality production? The prosciutteria in Perugia is part of a chain with 12 outlets between Milan and Perugia.

We have been now here for 3 times and it’s a kind of enough for some month, but the overall judgment is positive! For us the strong point of the menu is an “Carpaccio di Angus Beef”. Well, ist is not a “carpaccio” but more a “salada”, slightly salted and smoked.

But it is a genorous portion of high quality meat with dried tomatoes for making it more gentle. This sells for 10 Euros! in many otherplaces you would get half the quantity for the same amount of money or slightly more. And here comes the chain. A butcher in Prato buys and prepares centrally the meat for the entire chain, which obvioiusly creates economy of scale.

We tasted the tagliere and again: The quality of the meat was very good, especially prosciutto and mortadella and as kick Bresaola from horse meat. Meat is obviously the strong side of the “Prosciutteria”. The “Tagliere Gourmet” for 17 Euros, was loaded with too much bread with not very significant cremes on it. For this price, some grilled vegetables or other vegetable preparations would be expected.

The salad we ordered was only to beautify the mozzarella and was just saved by the generous amount of melanzane and zucchine which we ordered extra.

After having eaten 1 tagliere, 1 carpaccio and 1 salad we two were so full that we brought part of the tagliere home. 3 glass of wine, of which the morellino had the infamous “temperature of the environment”, but the Lambrusco secco was luckily from the fridge.

Many extra point for the courtesy and professionality of the staff!

A bill o f 50 Euros explains why this place is always crowded with young hungry folks.

And hey, a chain does not necessarily mean MacDonalds or Pizza hut!

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