The Cheese Tasting

we shipped 8 different raw milk cheese from Gut Backensholz” (https://backensholz.de/),and we find 5 wines from our cave to pair with them.

for the 2 soft blue cheese-
We pair them with a Grechetto from Duca della Cogna. This is a semi-fragrant wine with complete bone structure. It is fragrant but more salty than sweety( which is a rare quality) makes the combination brilliantly pleasant but not cloying.

for the 2 non-blue soft cheese-
We pair them with a gamey trasinemo rosato from Duca della Cogna. It is a salty spicy rosato wine with complete bone structure. The bone structure props up the space for cheese flavor to dance in between.

for the 2 hard cheese-
We paired it with a gamey trasinemo red from Duca della Cogna. an unoaked version because I only want the fruit taste here, no wood taste is needed. gamey trasinemo as a grape variety is spicy and fruity with moderate acidity, and this specific wine is also salty and structured because it is a good wine.

for the 2 aged hard cheese-
We pair them with a local cabernet franc and a pinot noir from pfalz. Both wines are pleasantly fruity but not too young.
The cabernet franc has fine and dense tannin. I always know it is a great wine but I didn’t find the perfect food to pair with it, so that the food and wine can flatter each other, until I found this pair. Unfortunately the winery is sold to another owner so this exact version is out of production. We got the last bottles from the local supermarket, but I hope the new owner will continue to produce this wine.
The pinot noir is a quality german wine, slightly aged flavor echoes with the aged cheese.

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