Spumante “metodo classico”

No need to buy Champagner. A lot of wine producers try to apply the Champagner method to their grapes. In our last tasting before summer holidays, we present 7 of them. Barrage and Novintage are from Orvieto and they are really good. We know the Scacciadiavoli Rosè for years. Audacious to make a Spumante from Sagrantino; It has become our favorite for accompanying Norcineria. Ca de Sasso is from Lago di Trasimeno and most probably the cheapest “metodo Classico” on the market. The other 4 we found travelling and liked them immediately. Romagnoli is from the Iesi area. Who knows Morro d’Alba, the grape behind the Rosè? the white will be predominantly Verdicchio. And two Cremants (Nicht deutscher Sekt!) from Germany. One from Pinot Noir, but the other from Scheurebe, an autoctonous grape only from the SouthWest of Germany.

Champagner was once only for the rich. Metodo Classico is for everyone.

Domenica/Sunday July 2 – 5 pm/ore 17 – BuonRespiro 37

Our Bottles

  • Spumante Rosato – Santa Croce, Umbria—-Sangiovese
  • Barrage – Neri, Orvieto—-Grechetto
  • Novintage – Feudi Spada, Umbria—-Riesling Renano
  • Rosè – Scacciadiavoli, Umbria—-Sagrantino
  • Ca de Sasso – Pucciarella,Umbria- Chardonnay
  • 1934 Rosè – Romagnoli, Marche—Lacrima di Morro
  • 1934 white- Romagnoli, Marche—Uve Bianche
  • Cremant Rosè – Bercher-Schmidt, Baden—-Pinot Nero
  • Cremant Vert – Abril, Baden—- Scheurebe
Barrage, Novintage and Santacroce are not on the picture but will be at the tasting

The Spumante will be served at the table. There are 5 Rosè and 4 White Spumante. We will serve in a way. that every participant will taste at least 5 different bottles.

As food pairing proposals, there will be on the table

  • Ceviche di Baccalà
  • Brandade
  • Norcineria di “La Cerchiara”
  • A selection of bread and pastries

Furthermore we will celebrate the new season of our Vegetable garden. We will transform the last jars of tomatoes from 2022 and serve “Pasta al sugo” at the end of the tasting.

Domenica/Sunday July 2 – 5 pm/ore 17 – BuonRespiro 37

Booking is necessary within Wednesday 28. Participation quota is 50 €, some couple slots are available. For registration/info please contact Giovanni (johannes.keizer@gmail.com, WhatsApp: 3665010443)

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