The Civico 25 belongs to the better known Restaurants in Perugia. I think it was my first place to went out for eating in Perugia and I remember a pleasant chat with the host about wines. At my second visit I was kind of disappointed, so I did not return for two years. This was an error as I will tell later.

The first pleasant surprise is the new bar just some entrances from the restaurant. It has become immediately one of my preferred places for aperitivo. Very good choice of wines. You order your glass and after a while some food arrives: Pieces of crunchy and soffice focaccia, bruschette with chickpea cream or other things available in the kitchen

This time we changed after aperitivo to the Restaurant. There was too loud music at the place, but they turned it lower immediately after our complain. Appreciated!

We ordered

  • Baccala’ mantecato
  • Spaghettone con crema di sedano nero di Trevi e salsicce
  • Tartar
  • Brasato al sagrantino
  • Sorbetto di ciocolato
  • 3 bicchieri di vino vermentino, sauvignon e un Chianti riserva

The food is definitely above average. La brandade (baccala’ mantecato) was very light and delicate. The Chef used “Olio di semi”, this make it lighter and whiter. For mee too much. I will go on using EVO per la brandade, but maybe I should try to mix with a refined seed oil.

The spaghettone was very rich and the combination of sausages with sedano di Trevi is a winning idea. I enjoyed very much the creamy texture. A bit too salty (as every dish that contains Umbrian sausages :-).

Nixy considered extraordinary her beef tartar, I considered it only “well done” with the classic condiments. Extraordinary for me was the Brasato al Sagrantino. Next time I willl try to peep into the kitchen to learn making such a perfect Brasato.

II forgot details about the dessert, but it was excellent too.

The Vermentino was very structured for being a Vermentino, the Sauvignon was more Sauvignon than normally Italian Sauvignons are and the Chianti was great. I think it was a 2018 Riserva, wonderful flavours, soft tannins, married with the brasato in a second.

We will definitely come back to Civico 25. Furthermore it is only “2 passi” from Villa dal Pozzo, our new residence.

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