Il Giardino

The name is a program. And this charming place is just 5 steps from our flat in Perugia.

It is a Restaurant garden with stunnig views on the walls of part of the city center.

What we did not realize at the first visit; They cook also very well and it is worthwhil to eat there.

It is a natural wine Place. Who reads me knows that I am not a friend of natural wines (as of other “natural” phenomena) . In most case natural wines are unbalanced exceeding in tannins and acidity and yes, for me it is a dirty taste. I have some natural wines, I like and all ancestrale bubbles. Others I can accept as a beer substitution, but I have not found upto now (not even at cantina Bea) a natural wine that escited me also considering the price/v=quality relation

In the “giardino” they serve Natural wines from the tap. And this I like. Most opoen house wines are undrinkable rubbish. The 5 natural open wines they offer are not. We had two half litres of two different whites and we finished them both, what taks for itself.. I will need to write about this in a separate post/

As food we had

  • a tempura of triglie:
  • Fregol cacio e pepe with flavors of Lago trasimeno

  • chapati roll of sgombro
  • Tartare di manzo

And none of the dishes was banal! The fregola sauce was made with broth from tinca and smashed shells of shrimps. It was mixed with a bit of fagiolina and crispy lentils/

The Triglia tempura was simply perfect

The tartare was hand chopped, had a real meat taste which was gentled by a lemon jam that Nixy thought was directly from China.

The sgombro in was a perfect example of succeeded fusion cooking. The Chef is Indian.

And then the highlight

Madeleine! has gorgonzola icecream, is nearly not sweet, combines fruit with icecream and cake, is creativ and pleases a palate that normally does not give particular regards to “Dolce”

Next time we will try the aperitivo of the “giardino”

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