Osteria a Priori

..run by Eat Umbria SRL We visited on October 17, 2023. If you don’t want to go there for the food, go for the wine, I think they can challenge most orher Restaurants in Perugia for the quantity of Umbrian wines, they offer. L’officina might have more international labels, but for Umbrian wines Osteria a Priori is unbeatable. And they are unbeatable for the price of wines. In exposition is the price of the bottle for take away. The Scacciadiavoli metodo classico sells for 21 Euros! If you want it on the table there is only a 20% increase as a cork charge.

We wanted to limit uon two glasses and we got the excellen Cabernet Franc from Villa Bucher. But then I could not resist to the winelist and ordered a bottle of Trebbiano Spoletino from Tabarrini. Really need to visit Tabarrini. I loved this wine but I assure most of the bottle went to the fridge in Via Graziosa. (and Nixy will do the evalation)

Also a good part of the first starter (degustazione cinghiale, 13 € went “da bao” or doggy bag as the hypocrite Americans do call it.

We sensed, that we would not be able to taste all the dishes, when finishing this selection of boar norcineria. I realized how lean boar meat is (and that I prefer fattier pieces.)

I finished my patès made of veal liver and chicken liver. The chicken liver was in a nice way lemonized, whereas the veal stuff expressed, yes veal liver..

Overall we ordered 2 starters, 1 primo, 1 secondo and a dessert. Not taken into consideration the bottle of spoletino, the bill was 66 € with enough food for two persons not really without food for the hole day.

The Primo (agnolotti di brasato, 7.50€) was rellay enough for 2, 6 big pieces of stuffed pasta. The brasato filling was excellent, it sown structure ad taste, not an anonimous filling. I would have preferred the pasta thinner, the onions more cooked and more plentiful.

The rabbit with potatoes ( 14 €) was good. I prefer potatoes with skin and more crunchy. but the rabbit was really pleasant.

A kind of delusion was the dessert. We ordered a cheese cake (4,50), but we got a cake with fresh sour cream and apple. It was not bad, but it lacked all the taste of a cheese cake.

A ++ at the end for the treatment by the maitre. We hadno booking, the place was full, but he found a wonderful place for us, half in, half out and he took care of us all the evening.

We have still mixed boar starters in the fridge

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