Verticale “lunato” 2018-2022

italian whites can age. We tried and proved this many times, and we try this again today.

we have a vertical tasting of an orvieto classical, 2018-2022 vintages from le Velette, which is made of 60% of grechetto and other autochthonous grapes.

All the 6 tasters decided unanimously that, amongst the 5 vintages, the older the better. The oldest 2018 vintage is everyone’s favorite, which somehow tasted like an elegantly aged trebbiano spoletino.

from 2020 we start to feel strong citrus, but the older the wine is ,the more strongly dried citrus, when the wine is younger, it shows lighter fresh lemon instead, they also have some jingsen smell,the older the more obvious. For people who don’t know what jingsen smells like, it smells like some herby roots.

the following is the notes we took for each vintage:


more fruity: white peach, pear, gooseberry,  ribes


taste more herby

looks a bit pinkish,  higher acidity


drier, more salty, herby, dried citrus, a bit balsamic vinegar(in a good way )


the texture changed a lot,  get denser and richer


even more richer, more mediterranean herbs, dried figs,  salty apricot, a bit smokey, white- yellow flowers,

In the future,we will host more tastings like this: we open some wines and have a themed tasting at the porch. whoever wants to join us just come, and you only need to pay a small amount, 10 euros  for this one for example. It will be totally spontaneous ,we might decide to have a tasting of 3 umbria cabernet franc with cheese at noon and we do that in the evening.we will announce it on our websites and whatsapp group.

Till the next drink, cheers~

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