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At the morning after the big dinner, all 4 of us desired Umbrian sausages or una Fiorentina. What happened.?For my birthday we had decided a treat! Not only the 12 course menu “emozioni”, but also Bed and Breakfast presso la Parolina a Trevinano, which is an hour from our homes in Orvieto. It is a dream position, Everything fits at the Parolina. Room and breakfast are approporiate to the Michelin star. Unpayable is the view on Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

But what happened at the dinner.? The most drastic comment was from Nixy the other morning: “I am done with Michelin Star Restaurants”,

Our dinner: Menu Emozioni, 150 €. We did not choose accompanying wines (75€/person) but paid a cork charge of 50€ and brought 12 bottles ourselves 🙂 to pair every dish approriatley

Menu Emozioni

This was high level cooking! More art than cooking. I wished more than once during the dinner to become for some weeks an appprentice in Iside’s kitchen. I had been here before and i copied “Il caviale di Onano” in my repertoir years ago. There was no fault in any dish, salt, spices all in perfect balance. (At the radicchio we thought a moment it was overwhelming and difficult to pair with any of our wines.)

But why the insatisfaction of all 4 eaters:

The form, appearance, transformation,has overcome completely the substance (main ingredients). For me , the peak were the “Tagliolini” . I need at least two forks to appreciate a pasta dish, this was a one fork quantity, dalla “sbroscia” c’era ovviamente solo il sapore che ti faceva desiderare un pezzo di pesce vero del lago di Bolsena. Another approach to this lack of substance is my estimate of the cost of ingreidents for the 150 Euro dinner, not more than 15%, I am quite sure. The rest is for the highly sophisticated work to transform the ingredients in something Unique.

Not to be misunderstoood: There was enough to eat overall. A flow of excellent bread and “Italia squisita” at the end assured that no one went away hungry. It was the way of composition of the dinner that was (for us) questionable. I cannot taste more than 5 wines in parallel and I need a certain amount to do it properly. The same with food.

Then we felt a lack of fish or meet. The Tagliolini con la sbroscia ( the famous fish soup from lago di Bolsena) had only an idea of sbroscia, Some piecs of fish would have saved th dinner.

Will I go back to “la parolina” Most probably, because I like the plalce so much. But at the moment I am desiring to have dinner at the “Rubbagalline” (Chickenthief) just around the corner of my home in Perugia.

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