Locanda del Bartoccio

La locanda del Bartoccio is located at Piazza Matteotti in the very city center of Perugia, a place were tourist have to be one of your main targets. We normally do not look for restaurants in such places. But – as so often – we were attracted by the aging beef on show. Furthermore the menu did not seem totally trivial (“Maialino al latte con finocchio). So we decided to try.

Beautiful vaults, quick and professional service and the place was filling up despite of being Monday, 50% turists. A unspectacular wine card, but sufficient to accompany a dinner. We ended up with aTrebbiano SPoletino from Pardi, a textbook expression of this wine- 189 Euros/bottle

We ordered

Carpaccio for me is raw meat! But always more you get cured meat served half on the way of beeing Bresaola. Also in this case the meat was slightly dried and salted – and too much condiment, not my type of carpaccio, but I imagine more palatable for most guests than simple slices of raw meat. I pay without complain 14 Euros for a prime carpaccio, but in this case….

The pizza al testo was very pleasant and despite of the sausage in the cicoria not over salted. 8,50 Euro is slightly above what such a simple dish should cost

I did not like the parmigiana. It tasted microwaved, cooked to death and with a lack of freshness. But it was smooth and amalgamated , and Nixy liked it!

When I order “Maialino di latte” Ii expect pieces of an animal, yes meat, but also bones and skin. The dish we got, were lean slices of meat, nicely spiced and cooked with fennel and not overcooked, but for me not the real fair. Price of 13 Euros justified

They offered “tagliata di agnello” on the menu. I wanted this and tried to negotiate the cooking grade. No way, only “well done” is possible. So I ordered the beef tagliata ” al sangue”. The dish was perfect, the beef aged and so tender, juicy and just perfect.

At this point we were full I have to acknowledge. Portions are big enough to dine wit 5 dishes for 2 persons. But I wanted to taste the dessert and ordered a semifreddo al pistacchio. I got a delicious piece of ice cream. All other dishes I could have easily done at home, this dessert not. Special appreciation to the chef.

Overall bill of 92 Euros for beeing stuffed as a couple is pretty standard for this kind of Restaurants in Perugia. Will I come back? Most probably not. There a so many Restaurants to discover….

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