September 3 + 10, wine tasting at the Buonrespiro

We invite for 2 wine tastings.

At September 3 we will present 7 sparkling wines made with the \”metodo ancestrale\”. The bubbles are produced byrefermentation in the bottle, but without \”sboccatura\” as in the Champagner process


Most of the bottles come from producers with a natural wine producing method. we will serve these wines with \”lieviti\” (different kinds of bread) and vegetables from our garden. A plate of pasta to close the evening- Cost will be 40 €/person

On the 10th the heading is \”Cannonau e i suoi fratelli Umbri. We will present 8 Cannonau and 4 Gamay del Trasimeno, which are both made from grapes of Grenache.


This tasting will be concentrated completely on the wines. There will be no food, except aome neutral breadsticks. The partecipation fee is 40 €, but producers are encouraged to bring wines of their production for the same value.

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