Vegan Rolls’ recipe

I have been making Chinese dishes with local ingredients. here is an example:

vegan rolls made of dried mushrooms, bamboo shoots and toufu peels, with a splash of soya sauce and sesame oil. all of the ingredients are available in Chinese shops in a medium sized city, such as Perugia.

if you can’t find all of the ingredients mentioned above, you can replace the Chinese mushroom with local mushroom, or replace bamboo shoots with artichokes.
toufu peels are available in most Chinese shops, it is made of the peel of oil floating on the surface of a tank of soya milk. the Chinese name for it is 豆腐皮, you can ask the person in the shop to fetch it for you. there are thick version and thin version, both useable.

you can easily get soya sauce and sesame oil in a normal supermarket,
but remember Chinese sesame oil is made from baked sesame, it should be very fragrant, while the sesame oil you get from supermarket might be made of raw sesame, in that case, you should use it to pan fry the mushrooms and bamboo shoots, to get some aroma out with the heat.

after a few easy steps you can make some vegan rolls by yourself:

1 soak the dried mushrooms and toufu peel in fresh water till they get soft
2 slice mushrooms, bamboo shoots and pan fry them together with some oil, soya sauce and a bit of salt, add some extra sesame oil to the mixture the end
3 wrap the mushrooms and bamboo shoots with toufu peel(you could add a layer of green leaf vegetable, whatever leaf you like)in rolls in any size you like
4 pan fry the rolls till they are golden and crispy
5 serve with a splash of soya sauce

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