permutation and combination of sangiovese, cabernet,and trasimeno gamay

sangiovese is a brilliant grape,but very instable. the easy way to stablize it,is blend it with something else. umbria producers often blend it with cabernet or trasimeno gamay,or both.

cabernet could be too square and boring, but it is very stable.even a small amount of cabernet can provide a stable frame for the blend.

trasimeno gamay is actually grenache grows around trasimeno lake for hundreds of years,it has fine fiber in wine structure, same as sangiovese. sangiovese is harder and more edgy,grenache is softer and smoother, but they both have relatively light body and similar small bone structure (for example, cabernet obviously has a biger bone structure than sangiovese. a good sangiovese could have harder bones but smaller bone structure), they can emerge seamlessly and get stronger, it make perfect sense to blend these two grapes .
so we made this permutation and combination of sangiovese, cabernet,and trasimeno gamay tasting, with wines made from these 3 grapes, coming from 2 excellent wineries

the result
the cabernet is thicker and more dense, red and black fruit, a bit salty, olive, pepper and mint on the nose.
sangiovese’s more open, smells dry spices, hawthorn, high-quality balsamic vinegar, feels slightly more acidic, but not necessarily really more acidic than cabernet, because the feel of acidity is affected by the thickness of the wine

the trasimeno gamay have definite red fruit notes, slightly air dried fresh fruit, more relaxed extended, less edgy

80/20 sangiovese/cabernet / Quinto Rossso
feels like a stable sangiovese, more stereoscopic than either pure cabernet or sangiovese, raspberry, currant, dried chili paprika aromas

Three mixed / Corniolo
Rich and full body,bright and sharp, strong and sophisticated, more tridimensional than pure sangiovese, cabernet,or trasimeno gamay.
have taste of sweet spices, slightly dried prune, fresh red blackberry fruit, herbal flavor, slightly salty
cabernet 更厚密收敛,红黑果香都有,有咸感,有橄榄味,仔细闻还有甜椒薄荷味。
sangiovese 更开放张扬的干香料香,山楂香,高品质意大利香醋,感觉酸度略高,未必真比cabernet高,因为对酸度的感受会受到酒体的厚度影响

trasimeno gamay 明确的红果香,略风干的新鲜水果,更平和舒展,less edgy

80/20 sangiovese/cabernet,quinto Rossso

三混 corniolo

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